_About Pete

Born and raised in Seattle, Pete has always sought new ways to express himself artistically. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Washington, with an accompanying Certificate in Interior Design. He has worked for various architecture firms since graduation, but has focused on commercial interior design the last 8 years.

The projects I work on can last anywhere from a few months to several years. During that time there are several distinct phases that run from purely analytical, left-brained work, to creative, right-brained work. During extended periods of logical, fact-based work, I need to find a creative outlet, and during periods of intense creative design, I seek a balance of ordered process. I find that creating my silkscreen art satisfies both of these – from the highly creative composition and color selection, to the more technical aspects of trapping and registration.

Pete’s other interests include sailing and spending time enjoying the cultural aspects of living in Seattle – both of which are reflected in the subject matter of his art. “I plan to stay focused on the Seattle and Northwest nature of my subject matter, while introducing more boats and water into the pieces.”